posted Dec 13, 2017, 7:45 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear Coast Redwood Middle School Families,

Since this is the time of year that you may be spending more time with friends and family and because it is a time of year when  those friends and family might be purchasing gifts, I wanted to write a follow-up email with updates about our Chico Bag fundraiser and our Healthy Hand & Body Lotion business:


Chico Bags:

*We’ve got a quick turn-around on this one: Your kids will be returning all checks, cash and order forms to Sheila or myself when we return from break on Wednesday, 11/29.


*If folks you know are interested in purchasing some Chico Bag products and would like to pay by check, please ask them to make checks out to SLV Charter School with CRMS written in the memo line. 


*The PDF of all the available products was attached to the last CRMS update. Here is the link again:

ChicoBag Fundraising Catalog.


Healthy Redwoods Hand & Body Lotion:

I have been busily peddling the kids’ lotion at my qigong classes and have sold all the jars that we made labels for.  Felton Nutrition has kindly offered for us to sell our lotion at their store.  Noah and sister Olivia are working on handwriting more labels so that we can get our lotion into Felton Nutrition this week.  Thank you Noah & Olivia!  Hopefully next week we will be able to make more product, establish the beginnings of an online presence, create a brochure, and get our accounting straight so that we can firmly establish pricing.  The kids started on all of this last Thursday.  At this point we are selling 1 oz. containers for $4.50 and 2 oz. containers for $7.50.


We have gotten approval to sell our lotion at the All Charter Craft Faire on 12/1, 10am-2pm.  Lauren and Megan have offered to facilitate this.  I would love to have our table “humanned” by teams of two CRMS students for 1 hour each so that 8 of our students get practice selling our product at the faire.  My hope is that this year each CRMS student will have at least one experience of direct face-to-face sales.  Please let me know if your child cannot make it to the craft faire (NBOG kids need not reply).  If I don’t hear from you I will sign your student up for a shift.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you next week!