CRMS Update for 4/24/17

posted Apr 24, 2017, 10:05 AM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Most of the kids were able to finish their testing last week and celebrate the end (or near end) of the testing process with popsicles!  Some kids still need to make-up parts of the test.  Once I find out who needs to complete which test, I will contact you to schedule a time to finish them up.  Thanks to all who came to help support the kids (and the garden) during our testing mornings.

This week we have a special guest coming to CRMS.  Gitta Ryle is a friend of the Fraser-Thiede family. She is a survivor of the German holocaust in World War II, and is by all accounts a very positive and inspiring woman.  Jennifer feels that the kids would really benefit by meeting Gitta so she is bringing her to our class at 10am this Wednesday to share stories from her life. Here are some links to articles about her, if you would like to get to know her a little bit:

Several of the CRMS kids have studied World War II this year, but most have not, and we have not studied it in class, so you may want to discuss the war and the holocaust some with your CRMS student to help orient them for Gitta’s visit and maybe even come up with some good questions to ask her.

Marcy Reynolds

Coast Redwood Middle School


April Dates to Remember:

Thursday, 4/27, Month 9 Attendance Due to your child’s green binder in the classroom. When printing your learning logs, please remember to use the portrait orientation and to check the boxes to include a title on each page.  I have attached a screen shot to this email of what your dialog box should look like when you print. Doing this will save me from having to write titles on each page by hand. Thank you!


Thursday, 4/27, 5:00pm-6:00pm, Coast Redwood High School Information Night, CRHS Room P3.  Students and parents of 8th graders are encouraged to attend to meet all the CRHS teachers and hear what they have planned for next year.


May/June Dates to Remember:

Thursday May 4, PE Test.  We’ll do this all together during our usual PE time and include the FC 5th graders.  Even though only 5th & 7th graders need to officially test, all CRMS students will participate and enjoy the exercise together. 


Thursday May 5, All Charter Skate Day. 


Saturday May 6, Santa Cruz County Author’s Fair, 10am-3pm at the Capitola MallLisa Michel is coordinating SLV Charter School’s participation in the annual author’s fair.  We will not be doing anything in class this year for the fair, but CRMS students are encouraged to submit polished writing they have completed at home.  Even if your child doesn’t submit their own work, the fair is a great place to visit for inspiration.


Saturday May 6, SLV VAPA Showcase: 12 PM to 4 PM: SLVHS Campus.  Art from all SLV schools will be displayed. This will be another great place to get inspired! Please see Charter News for details.


Thursday, May 11, All Charter Play Performance, 10:30am-12:00pm.  At the PAC.  We will attend the play as a class to support our friends.


Wednesday, May 17, CRMS Parent Meeting, 2:15pm-3:30pm. Among other things we will discuss the end of the year advancement/celebration at the Trowbridge’s and begin visioning next school year.


Thursday, May 18.  Last CRMS class for the school year.


Friday, May 19, All-Charter Capture the Flag and Potluck.  Location TBA.


Friday, May 19, Blasting Through History event at the M.A.H. (downtown SC), 5pm-7pm.  This is an exciting opportunity that Cindy has set up for the CRMS kids to share what they’ve been learning and to promote their non-toxic skin care products.  More details TBA in the coming weeks.  Save the evening in your calendar, if you can.


May 22-June 7, End-of-the-Year Conferences. 


Thursday, 5/25, Month 10 Attendance Due.


Thursday, May 25, 6:30pm.  All Charter Talent Show.  (Mandatory rehearsal 5/24, 3-6pm).  More details TBA.


Tuesday, June 6, 3-6pm. End-of-Year Advancement Ceremony and Celebration, at the Trowbridge’s Home in Bonny Doon.


Wednesday, June 7.  Month 11 Attendance due by 2pm.  Please project activities through 6/8.  Feel free to bring it to our party on 6/6, if you’d like.


Thursday, June 8.  Last student day for the 2016-17 school year.



To Do/Homework:

Yearbook:  Please help your kids download their photos onto their computer and upload them to Treering.  If you have any trouble, please let me know.


Graphing:  In class last week the kids worked in pairs to graph a few questions from our lotion sample survey data.  They should have copies of their graphs in their email inboxes.  If you feel your child could use some more practice with this skill, I would be happy to email you a copy of the tally sheet and instructions to work on at home.


Project Presentation:  If your child has already had their preview meeting with me, please have them come to class prepared to give their presentation. 


Items Discussed at Our Last Parent Meeting:


End of year schedules

Spring fever check-in…ideas on how to keep kids motivated

Discussion of Coast Redwood High School format and information night

Testing check-in

Possible math class next year

Summer Garden Care

The continuation of the class business throughout the summer and next year

The opportunity that Cyndi arranged for us at the MAH

Photocopying help needed (Thanks to all who chipped in!)



Summary of Class Activities:




The kids completed their tests!  Kudos to all for their concentration, endurance and generally positive attitudes.


Survey Results: The kids worked in pairs to transform the information on the lotion sample survey tally sheets into graphs so we could get a better look at the data.



The kids pulled weeds on testing breaks.


Yearbook:  Most of the kids were able to get into their Treering accounts.  They started uploading photos into the correct folders in Treering.


Project Presentation:  We enjoyed project presentations this week on the history of Legos and Origami.


P.E.  Ryan joined us and facilitated Dodgeball and a new way to play Capture the Flag.


Wish List:

We could still use more hot pads, another small (2-4 quart) saucepan, and a couple of Pyrex two-cup measures.  Thanks to all who have brought in items!

If any of you have some good ideas about how we can finish up spring weeding in the garden, I love to hear them.


All Charter Talent Show:

Calling all acts for our All Charter Talent Show, to be performed at the SLV Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Thursday, May 25, at 6:30pm. In addition, there is a mandatory Dress Rehearsal from 3-6pm on Wednesday, May 24. *Please speak directly with Amber if there is a conflict with this date. There are a few exceptions to the mandatory Dress Rehearsal attendance, but it must be discussed prior to then to be determined.


Acts should be no longer than approximately 3-4 minutes in length. Solo dancers, group dancers, solo musical artists, bands, monologues, stop motion videos, short films...any and all visual and performing artists are welcome!


We will also display 2D and 3D artwork in the lobby to the PAC.


Please email Amber Walker at with the following info by Friday, May 5:

1) Name and age/grade of student

2) Contact information of parent or responsible adult: email address and phone number

2) Charter Program they are enrolled in

3) What kind of performance or visual art will be presented

4) Staging needs-such as mats, microphones, piano, extension cords, backing musical track, chairs, etc.