CRMS Update for 4/12/15

posted Apr 12, 2015, 9:07 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday math tutoring will now run from 1:45pm-2:45pm.  Please pass on this information to whoever picks up your child from school on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, April 15, 1:45pm-2:45pm: Next Parent Meeting.  Marcy & parents will meet in the Nature Academy garden while the kids are at math tutoring with Mr. Paine.  We’ll be talking about Town Hall proposals, beginning to think about next year, as well as checking in about how things are going right now.

Friday, April 17: Month 8 attendance due.  This three-week month went speeding by.  Please check my last update for details from the week before break to help fill in your logs.  If you don’t have a copy of the attendance check-off sheet, it is available on the SLV Charter website, under “Forms”:


Project presentations!  We had our first two presenters last week.

Summary of 4/9-10:

Neuroscience & Plant Medicines:  This week we compiled information from our individual research on medicinal plants onto a chart which makes an easy reference.  The kids used this reference to pick which extracts they would use for their planarian lab.  In pairs the kids observed and drew a planarian, then added different concentrations of an herbal extract to the planarian’s water to see what effect it would have.  Most of the kids had time to try one extract.  We’ll work with a second extract this week and compare data.

Puma Project:  Justine Smith from the UCSC Puma Project came to our class and gave a fabulous presentation on Puma biology and research.  The kids practiced taking Cornell Notes while they listened.  Inspired by the presentation and excited about the puma tracker website, some kids spent their lunchtime checking out puma trails in areas they knew.  Here’s the website: 

Project Presentations:  This week heard about lizards and middle school cliques from our two student presenters.  Bravo presenters!

P.E.:  Wednesday we practiced Frisbee throwing skills followed by a game of Ultimate Frisbee.  On Thursday, all the kids (at different times) participated in the 7th grade PE test activities including push-ups, sit-ups, stretches and the mile run.  It was fun to have the Fall Creek 5th graders join us as well.  Thanks to Kacia for all the support and encouragement!

Garden:  While half the group was involved in PE, the other half was in the garden, planning, planting, and weeding. Thank you Bruno & Sara!

Mindfulness:  Each week we have been taking a few minutes out for mindfulness practice.  This week the focus was on mindfulness of hearing and mindfulness of breathing.

Circle Check-in:  Each week we also take time for the kids to share what is going on in their lives.  The kids really enjoy hearing each other’s stories.

Wish List:

Two liter plastic soda bottles, or water bottles. We’re going to need them as cloches in the garden to help keep the pests off of our seedlings.  Thanks!

Garden Help.  The kids are getting a little burned out on weeding.  Some of you had mentioned earlier in the year that you’d like to come help in the garden.  If this is still true for you, please let me know and we can arrange a time.

Neutral-dark colored (black or brown would be good) oil cloth for covering the top of the low bookshelves.  The shelves to the right of the door as you walk in are getting a bit rusty from our storing the hand wash water bottles there.