CRMS Update for 3/6/17

posted Mar 7, 2017, 8:09 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

It feels like great skiing weather to me!  We do have a new challenge, though.  April received a call this morning and it looks like Hwy 120, the one that would take us from her cabin to Yosemite may be closed for the next few weeks due to a slide.  We’re going to keep watch on the situation to see if the park opens an alternative route.  In the meantime, I have sent an email to Dodge Ridge ski area with the details of our group to see what they can offer us.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, 3/8, 7-9pm, Screenagers film showing for parents at the Performing Arts Center.  Please see information in the Announcements section of this email.


Tuesday, 3/14: Charter Info Night. SLVMS Library 6-7:00pmPlease encourage anyone you know who might be interested in Charter programs to attend!


Wednesday-Friday, 3/15-17, Ski/Snow Trip (See below.)


Wednesday, 3/22, 2:15-3:30pm, CRMS Parent Meeting


Thursday, 3/30:  Month 8 Attendance Due


April 3-7, Spring Break.  There will be no district classes this week.


April 12, 13, 19 & 20, CAASPP Testing at CRMS.  We’ll participate in the annual state standardized testing ritual as part of each regular class day.


Save the Date:  End-of-Year Advancement Ceremony and Celebration, Tuesday, June 6, 3-6pm.



To Do/Homework


1.   Continue Project Presentation Research. I will email you to set up a preview meeting.

2.    Look at your cold weather gear and email me what you need/can lend to others. (See attached updated grid)

3.   Snow trip cook groups figure out approximate costs for the meal they are planning. (The kids should have each other’s email addresses to coordinate this.)


4.   Give out lotion samples and questionnaires to ask for product feedback.



Ski/Snow Trip

Gear: Please send me details on any gear that you need/can loan and I will add it to the grid and send it out again.  In order to keep costs down, each participant will need to bring a sleeping bag and towel. 

Food:  The kids are working in meal groups to come up with menus and pricing for our meals on the trip.  As soon as they have their pricing, they can email their group’s shopping list to me. Rachel has offered to shop at Costco for us before the trip.


Summary of Class Activities:



Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Thankfully, the Aquarium staff let us do the lab we were signed up for even though we were below the enrollment minimum.  It was a great, hands-on lab where we looked at, touched, and classified live sea creatures.  Afterward we ate lunch and everyone investigated the museum.  Some of us spent a good amount of time down in the new tentacle exhibit seeing some amazing squid, cuttlefish and octopuses.  Most of us also went to the albatross show where we learned about amazing albatross adaptations and habitat threats.  I was surprised to learn that the life span of an average albatross is 60 years!  We saw a lot of other amazing creatures and exhibits, too.  I am so amazed and grateful that such a high quality educational experience is available to us for the price of parking.


Project Presentations:
The kids worked in pairs to help each other narrow their topic, come up with main ideas, and brainstorm questions using graphic organizers that I provided.  The ball is in your court now.  Please take it and run with it.  Most of the kids are ready to start (or continue) their research and note taking.


Class Business:

We had three tasks to work on this week: creating a questionnaire to get feedback on our product, researching the validity of claims that our ingredients were healthy (including the value of organic vs. conventional oils), and researching the best pricing on our ingredients.  The kids chose one of these tasks of greatest interest to them and worked in groups to come up with information that they shared with the group.  The two research groups need to do some more digging.  The questionnaire group completed their questionnaire.  Probably your child has come home with samples and questionnaires.  Please help your child to pass these out to people willing to give us feedback on our product that can further our product development.



Ryan Stayskal came to class on Thursday and led the kids in PE!  He focused on correct body mechanics when sitting, standing, stretching and throwing.  The kids also played Dodgeball.


Snow Trip Planning:  Those more and less confident with cooking paired up to plan the meals for our trip.  Most of the kids started researching costs for the meals (15 kids, 7 adults).  Their homework assignment was to complete the pricing by next Wednesday.  They all took down each other’s email addresses so that they could communicate with each other about it over the next few days.



Wish List:


Thrift Store Items:  We still need blenders and small (two quart or smaller) non-reactive saucepans.  Oven mitts/gloves would also be helpful.  Thank you to all who have already contributed equipment!


Parent Help:  Please sign up for a day, if you haven’t already: Thanks!





Parent Advisory Council: If you have any questions or comments for Rachel to bring to SLV Charter School’s Parent Advisory Council, please send her an email at:

Dream Big Film: Karen (Evan’s mom) sent along the link to the inspiring movie, Dream Big, about engineering showing at the IMAX theatre at the Tech Museum.  It looks great!

Crocheted Coral Reef: OK…I can’t help thinking that many of you will think this is as cool as I did:  Here is a list of the crochet circles they are holding so you can crochet alongside other ocean enthusiasts! I did go to a crocheting session last Tuesday and it was really fun.  There are plenty of enthusiastic, ocean-loving artists who will be happy to teach you how to crochet part of the community coral reef.

Environmental Art Contest:  Monterey Bay Air Resources District Calendar Art Contest to help bring awareness to the importance of clean air in our county.  Winners receive $100 cash award!  Deadline for submissions mid-March.  Please get your submissions to me by next Thursday, March 13.