CRMS Update for 3/11/16

posted Mar 18, 2016, 3:31 AM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

More rain!



*Partner Bio:  Please share it with me via Google Docs or email.

*Project Presentation

*Ukulele: Keep practicing strums and smooth chord changes.  Perfect Budapest.  Practice chorus of Lava. Practice with Barbara Ann segment (scan attached).

*Book Club: Sky Jumpers, by Peggy Eddleman

*Thanks to those of you who have sent in PG&E bills.  Those of you who haven’t, please send them with your child on Wed.


Writing Study Hall with Lou: Tuesdays, 2:30pm-4:00pm, at the Fall Creek office (aka The Annex). 

Math Study Hall with Aaron Shaw: Wednesdays, 2:15pm-4:00pm. 

Ukulele Club Meetings: Thursday, 2:15pm-3:15pm, 3/17…

Book Club Meeting: Thursday, 2:15pm-3:15pm, 3/24

Next CRMS Parent Meeting: Wednesday, 3/23, 2:15pm-3:30pm


Summary of Class Activities:


Circle Check-In:  Good communication practice! We’ll continue to do this every Wednesday, but I’ll probably stop including it in the summaries.


Weather Data Collection:  Last week’s record-keepers were Hannah S. & Scott.


Partner Writing:  The kids worked on their “Slug File” list poem about their bio partner.  We watched the video clip, “Austin’s Butterfly” to bring home the importance of critique and multiple drafts.  The kids helped each other in table groups, offering positive feedback and suggestions for improving the imagery in each other’s poems.


PE: The kids ran three laps around the field.  Faith taught the defensive posture used in basketball and made a fun drill out of it.  The kids self-selected groups and played Knockout.


Trout Project:  The little alevin are moving swiftly through their baby stage. I was planning to do our release in the middle of April, now it looks like we’ll be releasing them in the next couple of weeks.  I may be calling you in the next week to see if you can offer to transport a group of kids up to Loch Lomond for the release.


Climate Science: We watched a demonstration of a convection current and how density drives the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt spreading heat and nutrients throughout the ocean basins of the earth.  Since this deep global circulation is driven in significant part by the artic, we discussed the importance of the study of the artic for understanding climate change. 

Stress Reduction:  Jennifer Sims came back and gave a fun presentation on many ways we can reduce stress in our lives.


Mindfulness:  Inspired by Jen’s presentation, we practiced a few minutes of mindfulness of hearing and breathing.


Gardening:  A new group of kids inoculated oak logs with oyster mushroom mycelium plug spawn.  Renee came with more seeds and seedlings, so many of the kids got to plant.  Others helped clear the garden of all the rose cuttings. 


Asteroid Project:  Most of the kids have finished their asteroids, added their fact flags and hung them around the room.  Based on the planets, moons and asteroids we had, the kids made decisions on how to arrange them, proving that there can be a beauty to art, even if the subject itself may not be beautiful.


Ukulele Club:  The kids worked on Budapest and decided to practice Lava and a segment from Barbara Ann to bring in a new chord.


Wish List:

*1 Bag of Gravel for succulent garden

*Please send in your power bills this week.




Slide Show Tomorrow:  Tim Corcoran, the founder of Headwaters is presenting a slide show of his Santa Cruz photography at the Art & History Museum in Santa Cruz tomorrow, Saturday, March 12, 7-9pm.  Go say, “hi”.


Class Photos:  The class photos that were professionally taken at the beginning of the school year are available for purchase for $15.  If you are interested, please fill out the info and put the money in the envelope (by the entrance) and hand it to me.  I can give you the photo(s) immediately.


Coast Redwood High School Parent Info. Night:  Monday, March 14, 6-7:30pm, Room P3, which is through the CRHS garden at the back of the SLV High School campus.  This is intended to be a parent orientation.  Kids are welcome to attend, but I will be arranging a time for 8th grade CRMS students to go over as a group to meet the teachers and receive a separate orientation.


Charter Booster Fund, Next Steps:  Some of you know that the Charter Booster Fund is closing.  There is a group of charter parents who will be meeting with Cathy Wylie, treasurer of the SLV Foundation for Education

next Tuesday, March 15 at 8 am at the Charter Fall Creek office to discuss how the charter programs might be able to coordinate with the SLV Foundation so that we can still fundraise through a non-profit.  Being a non-profit allows for a lot more opportunities.  For example, our annual fundraiser in May at Roaring Camp is was only available to us because the Charter Boosters was a non-profit.  If you are interested in finding out more, I would encourage you to attend the meeting on Tuesday.


Capture the Flag at Quail Hollow Ranch: Friday, March 18, 10:30-12:30.  This monthly game is an SLV Homeschool tradition and is open to all Charter Homeschool Students.


Monterey Bay Air Resources District Art Contest: Due Friday, March 18.  They are encouraging kids, grades 1-8 to submit 8”x10” drawings representing everyday pollution or wintertime pollution to be recognized during Clean Air Month in May.  More details are on the flyer on the counter near the front of the classroom.


Teen Peer Court Fundraiser: Saturday, March 19, 8:30am-12:30pm at the Santa Cruz Law Library.  I’ve spoken with many of you who have older kids about the great Teen Peer Court program in Santa Cruz where teens get to participate in all aspects of a teen-centered courtroom.  Well, the Santa Cruz Law Library is hosting a Scrabble tournament to raise money for the program.  The cost is $25 for adults to participate and is free for students grades 7-12.  For more information call (831) 420-2205 or email


Charter Homeschool Information Night: Tuesday, March 22, 6-7pm, SLV Middle School Library.  We love to have currently enrolled families show up to our info. night to share their experiences with interested families who might be nervous about making the leap into homeschooling.  If you know of a family who you think might be interested in homeschooling through our charter school next year, please encourage them to attend the information night and find out about our charter programs.


New Seed Co-op:  CRHS mom, Melanie Burgess and the teachers at Coast Redwood High School have started a garden seed co-op where you can donate extra seeds that you might have and take new seeds that you might like to try to grow. The Seed Co-Op operates on the honor system and is available to all Charter 25 families. When you CHECK OUT seeds you’ll be expected to COLLECT seeds and CONTRIBUTE seeds to The Seed Co-Op.  HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  8:30-9:30am and 12:30-1:30pm (Room P3 at CRHS on the SLV High School campus). Please contact with any questions. More info noted on the CRHS webpage under Seed Co-Op.