CRMS Update for 2/3/17

posted Feb 7, 2017, 1:54 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

It was great to see the kids this week.  For those who are down with the flu, we hope you get better soon and look forward to seeing you again!

Marcy Reynolds

Coast Redwood Middle School


Dates to Remember:

Monday & Tuesday, 2/6-7, 3-5pm, All-Charter Play Auditions.  Please see Announcements below.

Wednesday, 2/8, 7-9pm, Screenagers film showing for parents at the Performing Arts Center (on the High School Campus).  Tickets cost $10 and are available at this link: Screenagers Trailer.  There are also paper tickets available.  If you would like to purchase paper tickets, please let me know so that I can get them for you.


Friday, 2/17, 10:00am-12:00pm,  All Charter Capture the Flag game at Quail Hollow Ranch.


Wednesday, 2/22, 2:15-3:30pm, CRMS Parent Meeting.  It will be great to get together as a group to talk about how homeschooling is going, field trip details, projects, etc.


Wednesday, 3/1, Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip.


Thursday, 3/2:  Month 7 Attendance Due.


Ski/Snow Trip, 3/15-17: In polling during our planning meetings it seems like almost everyone wants to participate in this proposed trip to the Sierras, so I’m calling it a go!  We don’t know whether there will be snow in Yosemite in March, or if Badger Pass will be open, but we’re going to go ahead and plan as if there will be snow and all will be open.  If it turns out there is no snow, then we’ll have a rich time hiking and investigating early spring in Yosemite instead.  I am waiting to hear back from Badger Pass to see what kind of package deal they might be able to offer us.  I told them that we would have a broad range of abilities/interests as far as skiing goes –some who have skied/snowboarded a lot and others who have never skied/snowboarded and who may prefer to sled.  Lift tickets seem to run about $40 per person per day, not counting equipment rentals, lessons, park entry, etc.  Skating (another location) and inner-tubing seem to run about $20 for two hours.  We’ll see if they can offer us a group discount.  April will need approx. $350 from us to cover the cost of heating the place while we’re there and cleaning after we leave.  We would divide this cost between all of us.  There will also be a cost for gasoline to get up there (we’ll all contribute to the drivers, maybe $15 each) and for food (kids will form cook groups, budget and plan it out, maybe $25 each).  These are not firm numbers, but I wanted to suggest some numbers so that you can start budgeting for the cost. April, Marcy, Katherine, (and maybe) Jeff have volunteered to drive/chaperone so far.



Summary of the Week:


Chabot Space and Science Center:  The Chabot Center turned out to be a very lovely, relatively small museum which made it  a very relaxed field trip.  There were only a few other school groups there and the size of the museum allowed the kids to wander freely in self-chosen groups.  In addition to exploring the museum exhibits, we participated in a Lego Robotics lab where the kids were encouraged to think like programmers, using programming blocks to troubleshoot different parts of a wheeled robot.  The most fun was when the kids got to explore programming the vehicles on their own.  It seems like we could have easily spent another hour in the lab trying out different programs.  Our day there ended with watching a planetarium show on Ancient Mayan Astronomy and culture.  Thanks all for making the trek up to the Oakland hills!


Screenagers: After our circle check-in, but before the film screening, I engaged the kids in a milling activity where they talked with each other about their own and their family’s use of internet-enabled devices.  I think this activity helped highlight just how important these devices have become in our lives.  From there we headed to the PAC where Charter Teacher, Melissa Stockton introduced the film.  The kids were quite attentive during the film and I think were authentically interested in how something so much a part of their lives was being portrayed.  Our after-screening discussion was animated!  Many kids felt that the examples used in the film were very extreme.  Many felt that they could (and do) drop using their electronics for a week or more without any trouble, if they are away at camp, or have other activities.  I think some kids saw themselves reflected in the film more than others.  We talked about the characterization of computer use based on gender and class presented in the film and whether evidence from their own lives supported those characterizations.  Many kids felt like they had a clear idea of how the parents should handle limits on computer use the situation and didn’t quite understand why the parents in the film were having such a hard time.  Almost everyone felt their parents should see the movie. If you are able to make it to the parents’ viewing on the 8th, I think you’ll enjoy it, and also enjoy talking with your kids about it afterward.  A very nice red, light weight, rain jacket was left by a student in the PAC.  Please let me know if you think it might belong to your child.


Class Business Kick-Off: Last week we started moving forward with our natural body care product class business.  The kids brainstormed body care products that they would like to make, ideas for jobs that needed to be done to run the business, and how they would like to spend the profits (if there are any).  Starting with April’s lotion recipe, we did some product testing.  The kids worked in their table groups to describe the qualities of four different potential base oils that we might use: grape seed, olive, coconut, and safflower.  They then made a small batch of the recipe using one of the oils.  They poured the lotion into small containers and placed the containers in different environments to test the effect of the oils on shelf-life and product characteristics.




Wish List:


Thrift Store Items:  For those who might be thrift store shoppers (like I am)…would you please keep your eyes out for items that we can use for our class business?  Some of the items we need are: Plastic tablecloths, rubber scrapers, blenders, single burner hot plates, small (two quart or smaller) non-reactive saucepans, easy-to-read measuring cups, and scales that can measure down to half an ounce.


Email Addresses for TreeRing:  If you haven’t already, please send me the email address you used to order your copy of this year’s yearbook (or plan to use to order the yearbook).  Also, please send me your child’s non-school issued email address that they can use to work on the yearbook.  I’d like to sign up all the kids to be editors, but I need email addresses to do that.


Lost and Found:  There are some very nice items in the lost and found basket by the door of the classroom.  Please take a look for what might belong to your child the next time you’re there.


Parent Help:  With the classroom projects I have planned for this semester, especially in the garden, I would love to be able to break up our larger class sub-groups to work on different parts of a project simultaneously.  For this I could really use some parent help.  If you haven’t signed up to help out in the classroom one day this semester, would you please do so?  Here’s the link: Thanks!





Little Mermaid: A Westside Story Audition Info

Next Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 6 and 7, are our audition days, from 3-5pm. Every student is cast, and we will play Improv games, sing, dance, and read some lines from the play to puzzle together which actors will play which parts. We will start out in Rm. 17 on the Quail Hollow campus, then shift to the multi-purpose room on Monday. 


Please print out the following form and fill it in, returning it with your student next week. Thank you! I am looking forward, once again, to sharing theater with your students.




Little Mermaid: A Westside Story Participation Form


Password Reset:  Our district tech support person, Paul Owens is in the process of resetting all of the passwords for district 6-8th graders.  This means that when your child logs in to his/her school Gmail account, s/he will need to pick a new password.  Here are the password requirements:


-Must be at least 8 characters long

-Must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number (no capitals or special characters required, but are good to use)

-Can NOT use a password that has previously been used for that account


Environmental Art Contest:  Monterey Bay Air Resources District Calendar Art Contest to help bring awareness to the importance of clean air in our county.  Winners receive $100 cash award!  Deadline for submissions mid-March.  Please let me know if your K-8 student is interested and I can send you more details.