CRMS Update for 2/22/15

posted Mar 1, 2015, 9:34 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Homework, Due Thurs., 2/26. :  I’m asking all the kids to learn about the nervous system of one animal, so that we can all share and compare what we learn with each other.  My hope is that the kids will all be able to come up with a diagram of their animal’s nervous system (either drawing by hand, or by printing out an image from the internet), and some information.  Whatever the kids come up with will be great to share and compare.  We’re interested in finding out how similar/different the animal’s nervous system is compared to our own.  Some questions to investigate are: How are the nerves are laid out in the body? How is the brain is structured?  How does the animal see, hear, smell, or feel differently from humans?  Attached is the list of which animal your child chose out of the bag.  Please use whatever format is comfortable for you and your child.

Math Tutoring with Victor:  Wednesdays, 1:45pm-3:00pm. My apologies for having the math tutoring be so inconsistent.  Rhonda and I are looking into ways to increase the consistency.  We plan to have math tutoring this week after museum the field trip.

Rosicrucian Museum Field Trip:  Wednesday, 2/25/15. 9am-2pm.  Here’s a link to curriculum resources that the museum has put together if you’d like to do some prep. with your kids before our visit on Wednesday:  Attached is an expedition agreement form.  You don’t need to sign it, but it would be a good idea for all of you who are driving/chaperoning to look over the museum rules.

Thanks to all the drivers/chaperones who volunteered!  

California Academy of Sciences Field Trip Thursday, 3/26/15.  It’s decision time.  On Thursday I need to pay the balance due amount on our Cal Academy field trip, based on the number of people attending.  Attached is a permission slip for the Cal Academy.  Please have your child bring it to school next Thursday.  Thanks!

Paperwork Party, The Death of an Idea:  Out of two months of paperwork party offerings, only one parent showed up.  Not quite the convivial, supportive, idea-sharing atmosphere that I was hoping for.  I am still happy to offer support to help streamline the monthly paperwork.  Just let me know if you would like to set up a one-on-one meeting.

Parent Meeting, Thursday, 3/12/15, 1:45pm-3:00pm.  This will be a great time for us to get together to talk about how homeschooling is going, share ideas, check in on class projects, and make decisions about spring activities and allocation of funds.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Summary of the week:

Project Presentations: The kids discussed their project presentation ideas and progress with their table-mates.  In two weeks the kids should have completed their project presentation planning packets, including a realistic timeline so that they can sign up for a presentation date. 

Art:  The kids made more progress on their cross stitching; some are finished.


The kids looked at the medial view of the brain and drew a diagram of it.  We discussed the roles of the prefrontal cortex and the basil ganglia in addition to identifying other key features.  We discussed how scientists keep adjusting their view of how things are based on new, credible, replicable evidence.

We compiled the data from our homunculus mapping activity, graphed it, and used the graph to do some analysis of the trends in our group.  I look forward to hearing more about what the researchers in Florida find and how similar our data is to the entire study population.

All the kids read a brain-related article, highlighting key points, and marking questions and key vocabulary in the margins.  They discussed their article with others who had read the same article and then shared the information with those who had read other articles.

Garden:  We continued work to ready the beds for planting.  Bruno is on the hunt for seeds and supplies.

P.E.: We played soccer, including passing drills and a full game.

Wish List:

65cm Gymnastik Balls (or similar).   We have one and it works out really well as a seat for far-side computer use because it is comfortable and can roll completely under the table to create a clear path.  I thought some of you might have one or two that you’re not using right now that I could borrow for the rest of the year.  I’d like three more.  They are fun for indoor P.E., too.

Industrial Sewing Machine (and someone who knows how to use it).  One of our heavy pillows has a seam rip.

Announcement of a great summer program:

Baskin Girls in Engineering Program at Cabrillo College

Cabrillo College is offering an exciting summer day-camp opportunity for middle school girls who want to learn more about engineering. Open to girls currently in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade, Baskin Girls in Engineering @ Cabrillo College is free to participants and introduces the student to all areas of engineering through hands on projects and team work. This program is made possible by a generous grant from the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation. We are pleased to offer this week-long program July 27 - 31, 2015 on the Cabrillo Campus in Aptos and hope you will share the details with your students through the attached flyer.


The online application process opens on March 2nd and will fill quickly. Click here for more information about this wonderful program:

See you Wednesday!

Marcy Reynolds

Coast Redwood Middle School

(831) 512-9331