CRMS Update for 2/17/17

posted Feb 22, 2017, 6:46 AM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, 2/22, 2:15-3:30pm, CRMS Parent Meeting.  It will be great to get together as a group to talk about how homeschooling is going, field trip details, projects, etc.


Friday, 2/24, 1-3pm,  All Charter Skate Day,  SC Roller Palladium.


Wednesday, 3/1, Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip.  Please see attached permission slip for details.  Permission slip due next Thursday, 2/23.


Thursday, 3/2:  Month 7 Attendance Due.


Wednesday, 3/8, 7-9pm, Screenagers film showing for parents at the Performing Arts Center.  Please see information in the Announcements section of this email.


Tuesday, 3/14: Charter Info Night. SLVMS Library 6-7:30pm.  Please encourage anyone you know who might be interested in Charter programs to attend.


Wednesday-Friday, 3/15-17, Ski/Snow Trip:

I finally heard back from Badger Pass.  With a minimum of 20 people, the ski area can give us a group rate.  Here are the basic costs:

*Lift Ticket + Equipment Rental = $25 per person

*Lift Ticket + Equipment Rental + Lesson = $35 per person (plus $35 per instructor.  I will find out how many instructors we might need for our sized group).

This seems like an amazing deal to me!

I also talked to the Nordic Center which is in a different location and is where the inner tubing happens.  They don’t have group rates, but are willing to give us a discount if we have a large group that wants to inner tube down the slopes.  Their price without the discount is $17 per person for a two-hour session.

In order to decide what to sign up for, I’m going to need to start collecting information from you and the kids about interest and skill-level.  You can get that information to me via email or let me know at the parent meeting on Wednesday:

*Is your child more interested in skiing, snowboarding, or inner tubing?

*What is your child’s skill level at the above?

*Do you have your own equipment?

*Does your child have adequate clothing (cold weather/snow-rain gear)?

*If not, what do you need to borrow?

We’ll discuss loaning, borrowing, renting gear at our parent meeting.  Many families might have snow/rain gear that their kids have outgrown or that belongs to adults/older siblings in the family who are not joining the trip and can be loaned for the week. No one should need to purchase clothes/equipment to participate in this field trip.

Here’s a link to get you excited:

Now let’s hope for some cold, snowy storms between now and mid-March!


To Do/Homework

1.   Turn in Ed Corps Waivers (attached)

2.   Get signed-up for TreeRing and send me the email addresses you used.

3.   Turn in  MBA field trip permission slip (attached).

4.   Let me know if your daughter would like to attend the Women in Science meeting at lunch next Thurs. (See announcements below.)

5.   Let me know if your son or daughter is interested in participating in the SLVMS Maker Club on Tuesday afternoons (See announcements below.)

6.   Follow-up on business math we did this week, if you feel that would be beneficial (See summary below.)

7.   Start on Project Presentation Research (I’ll be contacting you in the next week to schedule a presentation time.)


Class Business Necessary Forms: Real World Scholars is an organization that supports classrooms starting and running their own businesses.  We are working with them and their EdCorps branch.  They have given us seed money, will be giving us a page on their website, and are offering educational support.  In order to legally continue to work with them, I’m going to have to ask each of you to sign two documents: a media release form and a liability waiver.  Both of these forms are attached to this email.  The liability release form is also available in a digital version: this photo release form, if you prefer that format.  I will have copies of these printed out in the classroom as well.  Please look these over.  Your completion and signing of these forms will allow us to move forward with our class business.  Thanks!


TreeRing:  Last week I had requested that you send me the email address you used to order your copy of this year’s yearbook (or plan to use to order the yearbook).  Also, please send me your child’s non-school issued email address that they can use to work on the yearbook.  Now I realize that many of you may not have signed up earlier in the year and so may need the school’s passcode to move forward.  I’ve attached a copy of the flyer that I gave out at the beginning of the year which contains that passcode, if you need it.  Thanks for giving this some attention.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the folders I set up fill with great photos!



Summary of Class Activities:


Note: We were not able to complete our write-up of class activities for Thursday, so the kids will finish this next week in class.


Circle Check-in:

We spent some time talking about the “why” of circle check-in time.  I shared with them excerpts from a blog post by Chad Fowler, CTO and software developer about how even though it is not easy for him, and it seems unnecessary for his very technical job that empathy is the most important skill he practices, both for success in his professional and his personal life.  The kids took the message to heart and even those who are challenged to tune in to how they are feeling and to provide supporting evidence made an extra effort to do so.

Class Business:

The kids had some struggles coming up with adjectives and similes to describe the characteristics of oils when we made our first batch of lotion on 2/2, so this week I gave them a list of some possibilities, had them circle those adjectives that they thought would appeal to someone purchasing lotion.  That led into a discussion of who might be the target audience for our lotion.  In their table groups the kids looked at the finished lotions they had made and (in a different color), circled the descriptors (or wrote in ones that were not on the list) that described the actual product.  They did this for all four lotions made with the different oils.

The kids watched part of a video of a TED talk by Simon Sinek,, and took Cornell Notes to write down the main points of the talk. Since their entire list of goals for the business that they brainstormed on 2/2 had to do with how they would like to spend their profits, I think getting in touch with the deeper purpose for the business was a new idea for them.  To begin visioning our own mission statement, the kids started working on a process of developing their own personal mission statement.  The process included drawing and answering questions to investigate what they most value and admire, and what circumstances bring out the best in them.  Once each child has their own individual mission statement, then we can see if we can pick up common threads to form a mission statement for our group.  Most kids are getting close to finishing answering the questions for self-reflection and will be ready to start writing their personal mission statement.  I was hoping that the kids would take home what they had completed and discuss it with you, but I failed to remind the kids to do this before they left on Thursday.  Hopefully soon we’ll return to the routine of binders going home on Thursday and returning to class on Wednesday.  Many of the kids were having a hard time seeing how their actions could affect those around them, so I shared several examples of how doing, or not doing, something could have even far-reaching effects.

I asked the kids to come up with what they felt would be good lab safety rules.  April came and helped us troubleshoot our emulsification problems.  The table groups completed a second lotion trial with the same oil they used before.  They worked on more accurately measuring weight and volume of ingredients and we were more sensitive to the role of temperature in the emulsification process.

The kids worked in pairs to figure out the costs of our first batch of lotion. These real-life math skills are so practical that I would encourage you to reinforce them by incorporating similar problems into your daily math routine at home for the next week or two.


The kids worked in pairs to map the garden (including measuring the paths and the existing beds) and weeded the paths to help identify beds in greatest need of rebuilding.  The kids that are new to CRMS this year got an introduction to garden etiquette and how to care for the tools we borrow from the Nature Academy.


Wish List:


Thrift Store Items:  We still need blenders and small (two quart or smaller) non-reactive saucepans.  Oven mitts/gloves would also be helpful.


Parent Help:  Please sign up for a day, if you haven’t already: Thanks!





Crocheted Coral Reef: UC Santa Cruz and the Seymour Marine Center are sponsoring an astounding show of a crocheted coral reef! It is travelling the world and will be on display at the college from now through spring.  I went to the opening of the exhibit on Friday evening.  It is definitely worth seeing for anyone interested in environmental health and/or handcrafts –very inspiring!  There is a local crocheted coral reef being made right now which anyone interested can join! Crochet a little fish and you are in! This coral reef will be displayed at the Seymour Center this May. Here is a list of the crochet circles they are holding so you can crochet alongside other ocean enthusiasts! I’m hoping to make it to at least one.  Anyone else want to join me?

Young Women in Science:  This is a program sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium for 6th & 7th graders who are interested in: learning about sea otters, meeting female scientists, boogie boarding and kayaking.  It sounds great to me!  Students who are interested in finding out more can attend a meeting at lunchtime next Thursday, Feb. 23 at 12pm in the SLVMS, Room 16 (Nature Academy 6th grade).

New Makers Club:  SLVMS teacher Rebecca Doty has started a weekly makers club after school on Tuesdays.  In addition to adult input, the kids will also be teaching each other.  It sounds like a great club!  She has invited any CRMS students who are interested to join.  Please let me know if your 6-8 grade child is interested.  Once I have everyone’s information I will contact Ms. Doty and get the details to you.

SPECIAL EVENT: SCREENAGERS! NEW DATE: Wednesday, March 8, 7-9 pm. at the Performing Arts Center on the Tri-campus. 7105 Highway 9, Felton, 95018

We have rescheduled our  hosting of the film of SCREENAGERS.

A brief discussion of the film will be offered right after the film.  We will be sending out a parent discussion guide closer to the date of the event for parents to use at home with their students after the screening.  We will also have hard copies at the event.

“This special screening probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director's own, and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.”

Tickets previously purchased will be honored.

Tickets are a suggested donation of $10.  Please note:  We have opened up the ticket sales to families of the other schools in the District, so please buy your tickets right away! There are only 210 seats available. Tickets and trailer for the film available at this link:   

You will receive a confirmation back from impact flow, which you need to bring with you to the event.  If you prefer to not purchase them online, they can also be purchased through your teachers or by contacting Danelle Matteson at 335-0932.


Environmental Art Contest:  Monterey Bay Air Resources District Calendar Art Contest to help bring awareness to the importance of clean air in our county.  Winners receive $100 cash award!  Deadline for submissions mid-March.  Please let me know if your K-8 student is interested and I can send you more details.