CRMS Update for 12/5/17

posted Dec 13, 2017, 7:49 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear Coast Redwood Middle School Families:

 Thank you for all your support for our fundraising efforts the last couple of weeks!  The Chico Bag fundraiser, led by Sheila True, was particularly successful.  Not only did we raise $1058 for the classroom, but the kids also earned prizes and my desire that most of the funds come from outside of CRMS families (who already contribute so much!) was satisfied.  We haven’t done the math on it yet, but it seems as if our lotions sales at the craft faire were better than expected as well.  I’m looking forward to connecting with the students who were there and hearing more details.

 Thanks to those of you who loaned us desk lamps for our drawing class with Tina.  We would love to hold on to them for one more week.  Also this week, Tina has requested that each child bring 2-3 pictures to class of things they would like to learn to draw.  She will be assessing the photos/pictures this week to determine if they are appropriately challenging for each child.  Once they have Tina’s approval, the kids will keep them here to use the following week(s).  If you have any questions about the pictures or the drawing class, please feel free to email Tina directly. Thank you Tina for offering this class!


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, December 6:  Please have your child bring their two-three picture to class for evaluation by Tina (see intro above).  Please also remember to have your child bring their green binder back to class.

 Thursday, December 7, 2:15-3:30pm:  CRMS Monthly Parent Meeting.  On the agenda for this meeting will be debriefing fundraising and discussing how to spend those funds, project presentation and homeschooling check-in, Treering yearbook sign up information, and semester 2 planning meeting sign-ups.  I hope you can make it!

 Friday, December 15, 10:30am-12:30pm, Capture the Flag at Quail Hollow Ranch (Please note date change)Feel free to bring your lunch and join in the volunteer time afterward from 1pm-3pm to help support the Ranch. 

 Thursday, December 14, 2:15pm-4:00pm, Month 3 Attendance Paperwork Due:  This is only a 3-week school month, so the paperwork turn-around time is quicker than usual.  Please plan on staying for a few minutes after class to work with your child to turn in your month 4 attendance paperwork to your child’s blue portfolio binder.  Please remember that there are three components to turn in:

 The Attendance Check-Off Sheet (signed & dated 12/15/17)

A print out of the Learning Log (portrait orientation, including your student’s name & attendance month at the top)

A minimum of 4 Work Samples (which should include one Writing and one Math)

 Since you child will be typing class activities into their learning log that day, you’ll probably need to print out week 4’s page in the classroom.  I will be there to help with printouts, etc.

 Friday, December 15, before 2:30pm:  Science Fair Applications due to Katie Parmenter.  See announcement and attachments.

 Friday, December 22- January 5, Winter Break.  No need to keep homeschooling records.

 Monday, January 8-  Tuesday, January 30: Full-time Homeschooling and Second Semester Planning Meetings with Marcy. 

 Wednesday, January 31:  Classes at CRMS resume.


Summary of Class Activities (for the last couple of class weeks):

 Circle Check-In:  We did our usual check-in and also included the NVC feeling cards.

 P.E.:  We played Run, Rabbit Run and Banana Tag.

 Sales:  The kids came up with selling points for both their Chico Bag fundraiser and their lotion.

 Business Math:  The kids worked on figuring out the real costs of materials used to make each container of lotion.  This is a challenge because each step is actually composed of multiple steps and multiple operations.

 Business Writing:  The kids read and analyzed different project descriptions and then wrote two different original product description drafts.

 More Class Business:  The kids worked in teams to: build a Wordpress website, create a brochure, finalize product description copy, paint and hand-write product labels, enter material cost data on a spreadsheet and determine pricing and to make a batch of the lotion.  Eight of our classmates sold lotion at the all charter craft faire.

 Sign Language with Katreen:  Katreen came and taught us about the anatomy and physiology of hearing loss and shared her personal story.  She taught us how to finger spell and introduce ourselves.  She taught us about 25 words that we could use to make phrases.

 Drawing with Tina: Tina taught showed the kids the key places to notice on an object when working on shading and the kids used that information to draw a spot-lit softball.

 Hanging Cubby Project:  Some of the students who did not have a hanging cubby from last year constructed one.

 Lockdown Drill:  The kids participated in a campus-wide Stage 1 lockdown drill.

 Project Presentations:  In the last couple of weeks we were treated to student project presentations on: glassblowing, drones, Sphero, ball pythons, and whales.  Congratulations to presenters!


Come participate in our school science fair and perhaps even the county science fair!  Working on a science fair project is a great way to take advantage of the extra homeschooling time you’ll have during the month of January since classes for homeschoolers don’t begin until the end of the month.  The deadline for applications is 12/15.  Please turn your applications to me by 12/14 or turn them in to Katie at the Quail Hollow Homeschool site by Friday, December 15th by 2:30pm.  (They can be dropped off with Katie or a scanned application can be emailed to  An application, filled out in its entirety, is needed for each participant. Filling out an application is a commitment to participating in the science fair : )​ Science fair boards will be available beginning the first week back from winter break in January.