CRMS Update for 12/15/15

posted Jan 11, 2016, 4:04 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Welcome to wonderful December.  Below is the weekly update.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ukulele Club Meeting, Dec. 9 from 2:15pm-3:15pm: Please have your child bring their ukulele and tuner to class Wednesday.


Month 4 Paperwork Due, Friday, Dec. 11: Here is a link to the attendance checkoff sheet which is available through the forms tab on the SLV Charter website:


Book Club Meeting, Dec. 16 from 2:15pm-3:15pm.  The book for this month is: Where the Red Fern Grows.


Winter Holiday Celebration, Dec. 17:  There is an interest among parents and kids in having a winter holiday celebration in class the day before winter break.  Such celebrations have been a tradition at CRMS in the past as well as at other Charter programs.  I’m happy to do it, but am interested in parent input before a final decision.  Please let me know how you feel via this three question survey:  Thanks!


Community Service Project:  I called up the homeless shelter and the Women’s Center in Santa Cruz to find out what their clientele were needing right now and they said, “Warm clothes and hats and scarves”.  So if your family has gently used clothes of any size (but especially adult-sized pants), please bring them to class and I will have a box for them.  During the next two weeks the kids are also going to be knitting hats and scarves for those in need.  Amber Barcus will be coming to class on Wednesday to kick off the project.  If you have any size 9-11 knitting needles we can borrow, or any yarn to donate, please send it with your child on Wednesday morning.  Thanks!


Home Practice:

Feelings guided meditation:  I’m sorry that I don’t have a link for your yet…still need to record the practice.

Class Summary: 


Climate:  We looked at maps last week: what they show and what they don’t show, noticing bias.  Most of the kids needed more practice with latitude and longitude, so they identified different coordinates on a world map and then identified the climatic bands based on latitude.  We talked about the difference between weather and climate.  I described how radar works and we looked at real-time radar images of the storm on Thursday to plan our PE time.  The kids used a climate map to color in climatic regions on their globe templates.  This is not an easy task because it really required looking at the shapes and relationships to transfer the information.  Some of the kids completed an exercise on time zones.


Project Presentations:  Last week we heard presentations on: the Moth Man myth; the life and work of Walt Disney; Italian Water Dogs; and differences and similarities between the behaviors of wild and tame cats and dogs.


PE: Kacia was our parent helper last week so we adventurously tried volleyball.  On Wednesday the kids all practiced serving and learned about the game.  Thursday we practiced serving, bunting, and setting up, then tried to get as many volleys as we could.  The kids are already gaining confidence and skill and look forward to playing again when Kacia comes back next week.


Mindfulness:  We compared good stress (the kind that is motivating) to bad stress (the kind that is overwhelming).  A few of the kids could identify times in their lives when they had experienced both.  Most of the kids were only aware of good stress experiences.  Others didn’t feel like they had ever felt stressed at all.  I led a guided meditation on mindfulness of emotions: “having your feelings without them having you”.  I apologize for not having a recording yet for you .  I hope to have it to you by next week.  If you have any trouble accessing the audio files I’m sending, please let me know which email address and which device you are using to access them.  I have only shared them in Google Drive with the email address that I normally use to send you the weekly updates.  I don’t think you can access them with a different address.


Ukulele Club:  Those who participated in the Ukulele Club learned a basic strumming technique, an Tab Chords for Am, C, F & G7.  Mark has given out chord charts and has asked the kids to practice those chords and the strums before next Wednesday.



Wish List:


*We need to borrow knitting needles (Size 9-11) skeins of yarn for our hat making service project.  Please send any of these that you might have with your child on Wednesday morning.


*I’d love someone to take on the project of rebuilding the three garden benches with the kids.  It looks like we just need to replace the wood and some (if not all) of the nuts and bolts that attach the wood to the metal frames.


*Now that the kids have cleared the upper beds, it would be great to get them cooking over the winter with some manure.  Is anyone willing to bring a couple of truckloads of manure and help wheel barrow it up to the upper beds?





December Meetings:

If you haven’t met with me since the beginning of the semester to check in about how homeschooling is going, expect that I’ll be sending you an email to arrange a meeting.  I’d like to touch base with everyone before we break for the winter holidays.


All Charter Science Fair:

This year Katie Parmenter will be organizing the All Charter Science Fair.  This is a great opportunity to dig into some fun experimental science in a low-stress, encouraging environment.  The deadline for signing up (you don’t need to have decided on what you are studying yet) is Dec. 11.  The week of Feb. 1 is when projects will be shown. Please pick up an application in the CRMS classroom, if you are interested.