CRMS Update for 12/11/15

posted Dec 13, 2017, 7:52 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear Coast Redwood Middle School Families:

Only two more weeks until winter break.  I look forward to finishing up work started this fall on the class business, building, etc., and also look forward to hearing our final presenters.  Thanks to those of you who loaned us desk lamps for our drawing class with Tina.  We are finished with them now, so you can return them to their place in your home.  Chico bags orders should arrive to us early next week; you should be able to pick them up after class next Wednesday.


Dates to Remember:

*Wednesday, December 13:  Please have your child bring their two-three picture to class. Tina will be helping the kids draw them this week.

*Thursday, December 14, 2:15pm-4:00pm, Month 3 Attendance Paperwork Due:  This is only a 3-week school month, so the paperwork turn-around time is quicker than usual.  Please plan on staying for a few minutes after class to work with your child to turn in your month 4 attendance paperwork to your child’s blue portfolio binder.  Please remember that there are three components to turn in:

The Attendance Check-Off Sheet (signed & dated 12/15/17)

A print out of the Learning Log (portrait orientation, your student’s name & attendance month at the top)

A minimum of 4 Work Samples (which should include one Writing and one Math)

Since you child will be typing class activities into their learning log that day, you’ll probably need to print out week 3’s page in the classroom.  I will be there to help with printouts, etc.

*Friday, December 15, before 2:30pm:  Science Fair Applications due to Katie Parmenter.  See announcement and attachments.

*Friday, December 22- January 5, Winter Break.  No need to keep homeschooling records.

*Monday, January 8, All Charter Hike, Location TBA:  I’ll be leading a hike in a local park for charter families to kick off second semester.

Tuesday, January 8- Tuesday, January 30, Semester 2 Planning Meetings:  Please sign up for a time in the classroom before winter break.

*Tuesday, January 30: Full-time Homeschooling and Second Semester Planning Meetings with Marcy. 

*Wednesday, January 31:  Classes at CRMS resume.


Summary of Class Activities:

Circle Check-In:  We did our usual check-in and also included the NVC feeling cards.

P.E.:  The kids read the written Cat & Mouse game description, then we played the game.  Some of the kids also played Dodgeball at lunchtime.

Fundraising Math:  The kids worked in pairs to figure out the percentage of funds that the students raised (with parent help) and the parents raised (without student help) in the Chico Bag fundraiser to determine what percentage of the funds each group gets to choose how to spend.

Writing:  The kids each wrote a persuasive paragraph to convince various audiences of how to spend the money they raised in the Chico Bag fundraiser.

Sign Language with Katreen:  Katreen taught us new classroom-related vocabulary and we practiced everything that she has taught us in the last three classes.  Please ask your CRMS student to show you some of what they learned!

Drawing with Tina: The kids worked on drawing a still life after Tina introduced a couple of different ways to approach the task.

Presentation by Jen Sims:  I led a mindfulness of body sensations activity, then Jen led a discussion about different types of self-awareness and connected self-awareness to beliefs and values.  The kids all started (and some completed) drawing a coat of arms design based on their values and beliefs. 

Project Presentations:  We had a wonderful week of student presentations on:  video game types, pesticides, JRR Tolkien, cat language and fermented beverages.  As usual, each member of the audience gave written feedback to the presenters.  The presenters all did an excellent job!


 Parent Meeting Summary:

*Fundraising:  We celebrated our recent fundraising success.  The parents present were in favor of a spring camping trip to the Pinnacles as a use for the funds, which is one of the activities that interests the kids.  I had looked at the weekdays of the week of April 16 as a possible time for us to go since, as of last weekend, there were still two group campsites available next to each other that week.

*Treering:  Before we break for the holidays, I am going to need your CRMS student’s non-school email address, and their password (if they have trouble remembering their password) so that I can add them to our class list on Treering (our yearbook service).  Once I have them (and you) on the class list, then you and your child will create an account at home and we’ll be ready to start working on it when classes resume again.  I will send details out about how to use Treering later, for now, I just need those email addresses.  This Thursday, when you turn in your attendance paperwork, please check in with me to make sure that I have your child’s correct email.  Thanks!

*Field Trips:  I shared some information I had received about field trips to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and the parents present were in favor of my organizing a field trip there.  We also have a field trip reservations for the Rosicrucian Museum on 4/25 and the San Francisco Zoo on 3/7.  The 3/7 date needs to be reconfirmed though, due to something happening at the Zoo that may end up negating our reservation.  I will let you know about this as soon as I hear back from them.

*Science Fair:  Diving in to a science fair project is a great way to transition out of holiday-model and take advantage of your extra homeschooling time in January while the ongoing groups do not hold any classes.  A science fair entry can be based on research, an experiment, a demonstration, or invention idea.  You don’t need to know what you plan to do when turning in the application this Thurs/Fri.  Turning in the application is simply a commitment to participate.  Applications are due this week.

*Writing Tutor:  Some families expressed an interest in hiring a writing tutor for either one-on-one or small group instruction.  If any of you have a name and contact information for a good writing tutor who might be available, please let me know and I will pass on this information.  We also discussed the possibility of having a writing club meet in the classroom, either after class on a Wed/Thurs or on a Mon/Tues.  In a club framwork the students would do most of their writing at home and then bring competed or in progress work to the club meeting to share with and received feedback (and appreciation) from an audience of peers.  The club would be facilitated by a parent or by Marcy.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of these writing support options.

*Photos:  If you happen to be in the classroom during CRMS activities and you have a device that can take photos, you are invited to please take pictures!  I have a hard time taking photos and teaching at the same time and the kids forget, unless we are all doing photography at the same time.  Any photos we take now will be helpful when we create our yearbook collages in the spring.


Science Fair

Come participate in our school science fair and perhaps even the county science fair!  Working on a science fair project is a great way to take advantage of the extra homeschooling time you’ll have during the month of January since classes for homeschoolers don’t begin until the end of the month.  The deadline for applications is 12/15.  Please turn your applications to me by 12/14 or turn them in to Katie at the Quail Hollow Homeschool site by Friday, December 15th by 2:30pm.  (They can be dropped off with Katie or a scanned application can be emailed to  An application, filled out in its entirety, is needed for each participant. Filling out an application is a commitment to participating in the science fair : )​ Science fair boards will be available beginning the first week back from winter break in January.