CRMS Update for 1/18/16

posted Jan 18, 2016, 10:16 PM by Marcy Reynolds   [ updated Jan 18, 2016, 10:16 PM ]

Dear CRMS Families,

I hope that you all have had a lovely three-day weekend!  Some of the details in the announcements I sent earlier have changed, so please take a fresh look at the list below.


Marcy Reynolds

Coast Redwood Middle School


Month 5 Attendance due this Friday, 1/22:  I will not be here to collect attendance paperwork at the beginning of next week, so please make every effort to turn your attendance paperwork in to me or the Charter Office by 3pm this Friday.  Thank you!


Non-Instructional Days: (no need to keep records): 1/4, 1/18, 1/29


Middle School/High School Movie/Game Night:  Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 6:00-8:30pm in room 14 and the RC at the Quail Hollow site.  Last year it was Princess Bride, this year our classic film, in honor of David Bowie (the Goblin King) will be Labyrinth.  Please bring snacks and games to share.


Math Study Hall with Aaron Shaw begins again this week, Wednesday, 1/20, 2:15pm-4:00pm.


Book Club Meeting Postponed:  Andrea needs to be out of town this week attending to family business.  The book club will meet next Thursday, 1/28, 2:15pm-3:15pm.


Ukulele Club Meeting Postponed: Because of rescheduling the Book Club, the next Ukulele Club meeting will postponed until Thursday, 2/4, 2:15pm-3:15pm.  Thanks to Rachel, who had the courage to be the adult on the scene at the Uke Club meeting last week while I continued semester planning meetings.  From the reports, the kids had some challenges figuring out what to focus on, which is to be expected since they are new at self-organizing.  Evan seemed to choose a clear direction, which was learning, “This Land is Your Land”.  The kids I talked to thought it would be a fine idea if everyone tried to learn that one song at home and then brought that knowledge to the next meeting.  Playing a song together, even one everyone knows, seems like a big enough challenge for now.  The kids also realized that they needed more information about strumming styles to figure out which style to use when.  So here’s the homework: Using Youtube, or any other source, learn “This Land is Your Land”.  Also learn a few strumming styles and their applications.  Come to the club meeting ready to play and share what you learned. 


Parent Education: Math Manipulatives:  The dates and times have been set for Susan Bagby from the Moving With Math program to come and show us how to use the new manipulative sets we purchased to go with the Foundations workbooks.  You may feel that your child has outgrown manipulatives, but I would still encourage you to attend one of the workshops.  Even college-level math students use manipulatives to help them think through and understand concepts!  I’m sure Susan will adapt her presentation to fit the needs of the parents in attendance. There are two workshops to choose from:


Tuesday January, 26th:  5pm - 7pm


Thursday January, 28th:  1pm - 3pm


Both sessions will cover the same material, both will be held at the Quail Hollow site, and childcare will be provided. 





New Writing Study Hall with Lou, starts Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2:30pm-4:00pm:  Lou, Carrie’s mom and teacher of teachers, would like to offer support for writing at CRMS and will be offering a writing study hall at the Annex (near the Fall Creek Classroom) most Tuesdays.  The writing study hall will be structured just like the math study hall --bring your writing projects and Lou will give help and instruction as needed.  Writers are welcome to come for as little or as much of the time as fits their schedules.  Thanks Lou!


CRMS Classes Begin Again: Wednesday, 2/3, 9:30am-2:00pm.


Science Fair: Friday, 2/5, at the Quail Hollow Campus.  Please contact Katie for details:


CRMS Parent Meeting: Wednesday, 2/17, 2:15pm-3:30pm. 


Tech Museum Field Trip: Thursday, 2/25, 9am-3:30pm, $10 per person.


Wish List:

*Please keep ahold of your power bills for this month, and for the months to come.  If you still have them, it would be great if you could set aside your bills since September.  In class, your child will be learning to read and understand the bills and will use the information as a jumping off place for understanding power usage across the globe.


*Before our first class day, please check in with your child and make sure that they have a cup to use for water and tea.  Most kids do have mugs that they keep in class, but I still seem to have to wash a lot of dishes (hmmm…).