CRMS Update for 11/23/15

posted Jan 11, 2016, 4:02 PM by Marcy Reynolds

Dear CRMS Families,

Here is wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday week!


Ukulele Club Meeting, Dec. 2 & 9 from 2:15pm-3:15pm: (Hooray!)  Please have your child bring their ukulele and tuner to class next Wednesday.


Home Practice:

Being In The Body guided meditation:

Class Summary: 


Garden Science:  We planted the rest of the lettuces as a “control” for our experiment.  We planted fava beans,  and I explained the role of cover crops how nitrogen fixing works.  We measured, cut, sunk screws to install floating row cover hoops.  It is great to see the kids taking more responsibility and more ownership of the garden.  They seem to  be enjoying their time in the garden much more as they see the improvements they’ve made.


Project Presentations:  With your support the kids are really putting a lot of time and energy into their project presentations.  I know that sometimes it can feel like that is the only homeschooling that gets done, but I hope that you feel it is worth it.  The kids sharing this work with each other is by far the most important activity we do in class.  The kids really do their best work and inspire each other.  This is what a learning community is all about!


Last week we learned about Honey & Bumble Bees, Pointe Shoes, History of Alcatraz, Dream Catchers, and Water Bear biology.


PE: We played Run, Rabbit, Run.


Mindfulness:  We practiced the mindfulness of the body (Being in the Body Meditation), practiced breaking down unpleasant experiences into their component body sensations, thoughts and emotions, and discussed how we sometimes have a tendency to increase suffering through resistance (pain x resistance=suffering)


Book Club: Andrea lead a rich discussion on the Graveyard Book where the kids related situations in the book to situations in their own lives.  Next month’s book is: Where the Red Fern Grows.


Photography: Sheryl came in an did photography with the kids, teaching them how to use the  photo editing tools in Google Photos, emphasizing using the cropping tool to optimize composition.


Wish List:


Garden Help:


*I could use some help from someone with a pick-up truck and heavy gloves and clothing to haul our rose prunings across the parking lot to the school dumpster.


*I’d love someone to take on the project of rebuilding the three garden benches with the kids.  It looks like we just need to replace the wood and some (if not all) of the nuts and bolts that attach the wood to the metal frames.


*Now that the kids have cleared the upper beds, it would be great to get them cooking over the winter with some manure.  Is anyone willing to bring a couple of truckloads of manure and help wheel barrow it up to the upper beds?





December Meetings:

If you haven’t met with me since the beginning of the semester to check in about how homeschooling is going, expect that I’ll be sending you an email to arrange a meeting.  I’d like to touch base with everyone before we break for the winter holidays.


School Photos Are In: 

If you ordered portraits from Life Touch, I have them for you in the classroom.  All the student IDs have come in as well.


Free State Park Passes for Black Friday:


Thanksgiving is a great American tradition. This year, Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks want to make it even better. We are starting a new tradition for Black Friday. Take a walk in the redwoods; it’s on us. Simply sign up to receive email from the League and then download your free pass! Good at all 49 of California's redwood state parks on Friday, November 27, 2015.



All Charter Science Fair:

This year Katie Parmenter will be organizing the All Charter Science Fair.  This is a great opportunity to dig into some fun experimental science in a low-stress, encouraging environment.  The deadline for signing up (you don’t need to have decided on what you are studying yet) is Dec. 11.  The week of Feb. 1 is when projects will be shown. Please pick up an application in the CRMS classroom, if you are interested.

Dickens Fair

Sandy Mandell (Ari’s mom) and family have great things to say about the Dickens Fair and are planning on going on Sunday, December 6th.  They are shooting to go on the early side of the day and would love to meet up with other CRMS families there.  The  website to purchase tickets is: