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Parent Meeting November 18

posted Dec 10, 2012, 5:07 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 7:39 PM by Laurie Becker ]

Dear Parents,

We are nearly midway through November, can you believe it!  Then comes December, and January and another New Year, another mark that your children are growing up.  J.  I continue to enjoy working with and learning about your students.  They are a joy, and have such unique talents and interests to share.



Pre-AssessmentsI still do not have everyone’s assessments.  Once I receive all of them, I will correct them, and will talk with each family.  In particular, it will help with our writing as individuals, and within the class. 


Home School /Classroom balance: Check-in  /  Items to share?

Hopefully classroom course work works with your homeschool format as well. Remember that I am more than willing to be flexible with how you incorporate our classroom activities in to your homeschooling on the other days.  So! If you want to not journal at home, or if you want me to give more structure to how in incorporate writing at home, or if you do not want to work with the history outside of class...or want more…just connect with me personally.


·    Writers Workshop:  Many students are making use of my support in their writing by using Google Documents and sharing it with me as one who can comment.  Many others are working in their own process, sharing with me so that I can comment on their work using the six traits as the lenses to assess their work.  Final draft of the memoir should have been turned into me today.  I will ask the students how much they want me to assess it, and I will work with each student as much as possible for them to understand, based on a rubric how they are doing with their writing. And remember!  If your child has special difficulties with writing, please tell me so that I can work with them more 1-1.  Once the presentations are complete, we will be moving onto reading and writing seed thoughts in our journals to start work on opinion/persuade OR inform/explain. 

·    World History: Your students have learned a lot about how to work on-line together writing their paragraph (or two) on exploring The Silk Road. Within the focus of using critical and creative thinking, we have discussed the strengths and difficulties of collaborating online.  We will continue to do online collaborative projects on other topics.   We are completing our comparisons of our Wordle ‘clouds’.  This is another interesting project for the students to evaluate media designs, their value and weaknesses, as well as word choices.  We have also begun stepping into our next brief theme of the Feudal system found in the Middle Ages (and Japan) as we move into our next theme in the Renaissance.

·    Science:  Wade has begun his science class. The students have given presentations on their simple science experiment.   His next unit will be on

·    Project Presentations:  We have been discussing and reworking the rubric in class.  We have had our first presentation, and our first need to reschedule.  Please make sure that you and your child work together on their projects as much as you believe they need in order to feel successful and complete within their timeframe.   Every once in a while we will be reviewing the project contract and discuss how students are doing within their project timeframe.  However, we do not spend time working on the project itself during class time.

·    Core Thursday:  We continue to have interesting conversations in the morning circle check in.  Thanks to all of them who are sharing favorite books, quotes, and current events.  I cannot understate the value of this time of day, and the support it give for their Character, reflective listening and personal communication skills.  It is often my favorite time.

·    Clay Class: The kids are having a great time.   If some of you have forgotten to pay for the clay, we are still short!  Please help Tamera and the Clay class in this way.

·    Photography:  We had our first day of photography.  And I have researched the purchase of a similar camera.   I will purchase 2-3 ASAP, and we will continue to go out and develop our photography skills.  I will paln a field trip around photography when we get back from the holidays.


·      The White Snake: Berkeley     Dec. 6,  Starts @ 12:00 pm.  Play: 1hr 40 min            $12.00

Ann can tell us who has paid so far.  There are a few students who are not going with parents.  I believe it would be best if those parent’s whose children need a ride, find the best ride for their child.   Those that drive will get gas support from the families they are driving.   Parking fee is around $10.00.

·      Holiday Party:  Thursday, Dec 20.  I have snow man materials, and I believe enough socks, but we will need lots of rice.  Another project would be great!  Suggestions?  Food ideas? 


·      Planned parent-led courses :  (Still no solid dates)

Mary Z: Art based around our History theme is in the planning.  We are talking about this hap

Mary A. is planning a sea foraging field trip

Esther is planning a first Aid certification course in the Spring sometime

·      Camping  (Something new? Pinnacles again, more days? Prep activities?)

·      Field trips for the year?  I will start plans on going to a culinary school.  I also believe that the students would like to go to the climbing gym again this year. 

·      Community activities? (Homeless Garden, Senior Center, other?) DISCUSSION?.


 Important dates to remember:

·       November 19, Monday:  All-Homeschool Skate day, Santa Cruz 1-3 pm

·       November 20, Tuesday: Last day of classes before break

·       November 21-23, Wednesday-Friday:  Holiday Break

·       December 6, Thursday: The White Snake: Berkeley Rep, 12-2 pm 

·       December 13, Thursday: parent meeting, 1:30

·       December 14, Friday:  Paperwork Due

·       December 21, Thursday:  Class Holiday Party, 10-12:30

·       December 24, Monday -Jan 4, Friday:  Holiday Break

·       January 7, Monday – January 18, Friday:  1-1 Parent meetings

·       January 21, Monday:  Holiday, Martin Luther King Holiday.

·       January 22, Tuesday:  First CRMS class day back.

·       January 28, Monday: District Holiday