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Class activity Oct 29-Nov 9

posted Nov 4, 2012, 10:04 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 7:34 PM by Laurie Becker ]
TUESDAYS: Our work on Tuesdays is now at the point where everyone is at a different stage in their memoir or narrative writing, as well as their Silk Road collaborative paragraph.  If you feel you need more information on what we are doing or more specifically how your students is doing with what we are doing, please come in and talk to me.

World History: The Silk Road piece is COMING TO A CLOSE THIS TUESDAY.  No matter where they are in their work, it needs to be done and ready to print and turn into a Wordle on Tuesday.  I just finished making comments to most, if not all of the groups paragraphs.  Working online together is a new process!  Challenging, and frustrating at times.   We are sharing and discussing this new process in class, as well.   Many of the group pieces are very good...and there are some that need a little more discussion on how to work best together, as well as  how to best synthesize the information they have gathered.   I have noticed that each group took a different angle in their writing, or in what they focused on.  It will be interesting to share and compare their work through Wordle.   :) 
Next, we will be discussing the theme of Feudalism, and looking more at maps and geography.

Writers Workshop:  PLEASE HAVE THEM BRING THEIR JOURNALS AND FIRST DRAFTS WITH THEM FOR TUESDAYS CLASS. Tuesdays writing class will be nearly completely for them to write on their own, so they must have their work.
I have added comments to every piece that was shared with me.  Please have your student look at what I wrote and make revise with them in mind.  If they have not  turned anything in to me yet, please make sure they do so this week. 

Science:  Wade has given them a quick assignment of a simple science experiment they are to create.  Have they shared this with you yet?  More to come!

THURSDAYS:   Clay class is a hit!  Many brought home their first piece.  We are working on lidded boxes right now.
Projects are Coming!  Projects are Coming!  In fact, our first one is Nov. 15 from Chloe, and our next two, from Regan and Jon are on Nov 20, the day before our holiday break.  Three students have already shared their work in progress with me; congratulations to them for being so on top of it!  PLEASE HELP THEM stay on task (schedule) with this and help with their research.
We are working on refining the Rubric that we use to assess their work.