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Class Activity 2/4-2/14

posted Feb 11, 2013, 5:40 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 7:34 PM by Laurie Becker ]
Now that the first semester presentations and our clay course are completed we are starting a new round of activities in the classroom.

Here are the newest updates:
  • TUESDAY: Wade will be subbing for me.  
    • The Class will spend the majority of the day out in FALL CREEK.  So! 
      • THEY WILL BE -learning about cell transport connecting it to the properties of water, -writing/drawing an information paragraph about their work,- working on their photography, and of course -P.E. time. (those who have Math will get to class on time!!)
  • THURSDAY:  -We will have one last morning to wrap up glazing project in the clay lab with Ms. Smith (those who do not have any projects will bring work to do there, -We will continue with our Art History Class -We will add more details to the students' next project presentation - our P.E. will focus on stretches and endurance (running/jogging around the track)

  • I spoke to the students about the focus of this presentation, encourage them to think about the skills they want to strengthen or develop for themselves.
  •  There needs to be a quicker turnaround on this one, but this should not be an issue as I want each student to take ownership on what they want to learn and for the focus from the beginning to be on the skills. 8th graders in particular can work to have a quicker turn around
    • Skills some of the students mentioned included:
      • Drawing in the audience, Eye contact, Voice inflection, Planning of their time, Citing credible sources within their talk, Better use of notes, Building/construction of something, Remembering to have a strong purpose (so what) in what they are sharing with the audience
  • Most of them brought the packet home to talk to you about.
  • We will work in class with it more on Thursday, making sure that a proper timeline and plan of completion is fleshed out.
  • Remember, I want this process to be valuable for your student.  We need to work from where they are and keep them involved with the process from start to finish.  THEREFORE:  let's stay in touch and work together with them as much as possible.
HISTORY: ART HISTORY CLASS:  Mary and I are team teaching this class for the first time.  Our hope is that we can very soon be proactive and send out ideas for the students to read/research BEFORE we talk about them.  We aren't quite there yet, and so at this point we are sending notes on what was shared.  Any of these notes can be discussed/researched further at home.  It would be great if the students would come to class with some notes or information from history reading they have done at home with you.  For last week and this coming week we are studying/ learning about the art from the  Middle Ages = approx 5th to15th century ad, from the fall of Rome until before the Renaissance.
February 7th, 2013

Class 1) - early medieval art: British Isles and Scandanavia
Middle Ages = approx 5th to15th century ad, from the fall of Rome until before the Renaissance
3 major shifts occur:
  • Cultural leadership moved north from Mediterranean to France, Germany and the British Isles
  • Christianity triumphed over "paganism and barbarism"
  • Emphasis shifted from here and now, to the hereafter, and with it from the body as  beautiful to the body as corrupt.
"Human figures were flat, stiff and symmetrically placed, seeming to float as if hung from pegs. Artists had no interest in suggesting perspective or volume. Tall, slim figures with almond shaped faces, huge eyes, and solemn expressions gazed straight ahead, without the least hint of movement."- the Annotated Mona Lisa

Link to Book of Kells (760-820) Illuminated manuscripts, Medieval monasteries

In order to keep precious documents and scriptures safe from chaos, pillagers and looters, monasteries played an important role in keeping alive the art of illustration and the ideas of Western Civilization. Manuscripts were copied on vellum (calfskin) and parchment (lamb skin). These sacred objects were believed to contain the word of God. Intricately and lavishly decorated with gems and gold, their covers were meant to reflect the beauty and importance of the contents. These illuminated manuscripts served as the only books in existence at the the time, saving not only religious teachings but also classic literature. (Paraphrased- "the Annotated Mona Lisa")

Show examples of medieval art, religious images, Byzantine art and architecture, Book of Kells, gothic art and architecture. - here's a web page with a brief history of the book of kells.

There's an animated film on Netflix called 'The secret of the Kells'. It's historical fiction with some mysticism thrown in. The animation is based on medieval art and illumination- its pretty amazing.

NOTE: This was play in the background when the students worked, but it would be a good short film to watch at home.

Project- illuminated letter or animal collage: traditional outer form, inner created with self-reflection using color, imagery, etc.

History Concepts shared / CAN BE RESEARCHED FURTHER:
  • The Fall of Rome
  • What social aspect changed in Europe after the Fall of Rome
  • Important dates in the rise of Christianity as well as Islam between the years 500-1700
  • Connection between Church and State (Kingdoms)
  • What leaders were important during the years of 500-1600. 
  • How is Christianity or Islamic faith different from any faith practiced during the height of the Roman Era?
  • What changes happened in the architecture of Churches during this time?

Vocabulary:  (in no particular order)

  • Medieval / Dark Ages, • Monks    •Divinity -Divine  •  Monastery  • C.E. / A.D.
  • Vellum  •Scribe  •Manuscripts  • Illuminated  - Illumination
  • Evangelist  • Reflection  • Symbolic  - Symbolism  • Pilgrimage
  • Romanesque Art  •Gothic Art
  • Disdain   •  Prosperity  •  Reminiscent

Writing:  PLEASE Bring Journals to class.  We will be starting again on Thursday of this week AND Tuesday of next week.  While this will not be the highest focus in class at the moment, I am assuming that everyone is writing at home dailyInformative and opinion writing is encouraged.  :)