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April Parent meeting

posted Apr 22, 2013, 9:17 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated Oct 27, 2014, 7:37 PM by Laurie Becker ]

 Dear Parents,


    8   weeks left of school.   6  weeks of CRMS classes (until May 23, excluding our Spring Break).

TESTING:  (yes, a necessary though not necessarily happy part of each year that has now arrived)

·       Tuesday, April 30: All Grades

o   ELA starting @ 9 am.  We will be having breaks and P.E. during the day as well.

·       Wednesday, May 1 Grade 8 only:   IN THE ANNEX

o   Social Sciences

·       Thursday, May 2:  All Grades

o   Math starting @ 9.  We will be having breaks and P.E. during the day as well.

·       May 6-10   Test Make ups week (AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS)   Please contact me directly if you need special testing dates


·       Writers Workshop: Many students are starting or refining their first draft, I sent home additional support papers to help with this phase.  Other students are still working on filling out the outline.  Next week, I will be asking to review the papers and we will be looking more closely at some examples, for organization and word choice.  

Remember, for the 6th graders it is fine for the paper to be more opinion, but for the older students, I will want it more argumentative, with both sides represented, and example from research mentioned in the papers.

·       Project Presentations:  We have had several so far: Introverts & Extroverts, Chocolate, Goldfish & Aquariums, Bullying, Internet Security, The Art of Cooking Croissants.

·       First Aid: Esther’s class will continue through April.

·       Photography/yearbook:  This is our key focus for now.  This includes writing about our events for the year, designing pages, choosing and editing our photos!


Important dates to remember:

·       Tuesday April 30: CST State TESTING to be given within our normal school day,

·       Wednesday May 1 8th GRADERS only; CST State TESTING 10-12:30

·       Thursday, May 2; CST State TESTING - to be given within our normal school day,

·       May 6-10     STAR Test Make ups week (Various locations.  Please contact me personally if you need to schedule a day to test during this week)

·       MAY 7: 8th grade parent meeting about Charter High School

·       NO CLASS Thursday May 9 the day before we leave.

·       May 10-13:  END of YEAR CAMPING @ HEADWATERS in Mt. Shasta. (leave @ 8, get home around 9pm)

·       NO CLASS: Tuesday May 14, the day after we get home. 

·       Thursday, May 23: LAST CLASS DAY

·       Thursday, May 30: END OF YEAR CELEBRATION/GRADUATION:  @ Natural Bridges, from 11-3 pm.  Lunch and play time, honors for everyone, 8th grade graduation ceremony, cake.

·       Thursday, June 13; Last day of school


DISCUSSION ITEMS / Field trips for the year, etc.

o    Mary Zehr and I felt that it would be a great idea to take the kids to the Asian art museum and have them take a tour and draw some.  They are all for it and so we will decide on a date sometime in May…after our trip?

o    Mary: Marine Foraging?  No clear date for the tides.  Cancelled.

o    ADDITIONALLY, many of the parents want a date scheduled to hear from our Charter high school teachers, both CRHS and SLV Homeschool.  I will talk to the staff and schedule a date.  (May 7 is the tentative date)



·       No Class Thursday May 9 the day before, or Tuesday May 14, the day after we get home.  We will need these days to prep and refresh after our four days together.

·       We will leave EARLY FRIDAY MORNING Please be at the Safeway Parking lot in Felton. 7:30 am to help pack cars so we can leave by 8 SHARP.  (I will be gathering up the knives for the drive, and will hand them to each student once we get there)

·       While we will not be caravanning, I want us to start at the same place, and we will meet for lunch at a designated place about halfway up the way.  Once we get to Mt. Shasta, there is a small road on the left where we will once again meet up for the last 5 miles of the drive.

·       Each car will have a list of phone numbers of all other drivers, as well as a list of the contacts of all the parents of the students they are driving.

Please make sure that I have up to date cell phone numbers of everyone.

·       I will also need updated insurance verification from all drivers!!!


·       Ann:   Henry, Jimmy, Ameer, Daniel, Trudy

·       Rain:  Shane, Kellen, Liam

·       Kacia:  Hailey, Rumiana, Claire

·       Mary & Paul: Chloe & Sadie

·       Rhonda & Benjamin

·       Matt: Corinna, &

·       Craig: Sarah, Regan

·       Joan: Jake, & Owen,

·       Bill: Bryce & Jon

If we have more parents that want to come than we need drivers, it would be great to have another adult in some of the cars!

I want to collect the health forms from Tim Corcoran in class before we leave, SO PLEASE SEND THEM TO CLASS WITH YOUR STUDENT.

Did you get them?  Do you need another one?


There were a couple of you that wanted to know more about a typical day at Headwaters.  And so!  I asked John (teacher from the Nature Academy who has gone for the past 6 years) to tell me more.  Here is his reply:


Hi Rhonda,

I'll try to give you an idea of a typical day.

7:00 AM wake up get organized, breakfast at 8:00AM

9:00/9:30 Meet for morning class- Hike somewhere.

Could be edible plants/ insects, nature awareness, shelter building, knife use and safety, fire making. Any of these or a combination, could take up an entire block of morning or afternoon time.

Nature Awareness pervades the entire curriculum and will include things like finding animal tracks, examining wild animals, (snakes, lizards, birds etc.)

Tim will encourage kids, and parents, to immerse themselves in the natural world. As they told me when I was checking out the camp for the first time, the goal is to have people become more comfortable in the natural world than in their living room.

Lunch about noon 

1:00 or 1:30- out in the field again.       Return 4:00-4:30. 

Free time til dinner

After dinner, night time activity (night hike, campfire) until bedtime (9:30-10:00)

I think one of the keys to success is to let the experience unfold organically, keep an open mind, and let Tim and his teachers do what they do so well. There will be many activities, including tree climbing, (tree awareness) mud on the faces (camouflage, animal survival) and whittling (carving walking sticks, practicing knife skills), and times to just sit still and contemplate what's going on in the world when we turn off our thoughts and our daily concerns. 


I believe that Tim is exceptional at what he does and provides a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will impact parents as well as kids.  I consider Tim to be a combination of John Muir and Walt Whitman.   The one thing that Tim has asked me is to make sure that parents understand that they are there to support the kids, and participate, if they choose, in the activities that Tim and his staff provide.  It's important for them to understand that they can be a great support for a really good trip if they participate enthusiastically.

I remind my parents that we are there for the kids to support their experience, which, I believe you will find, is great.

I also remind the parents not to bring alcohol or drugs of any kind, as anything like that can be a distraction and a potential problem.


The actual experience is much richer than anything I can describe in a brief note.  Tim is with the students much of the time, but there are times, particularly the night hikes, when his staff takes over. There will be somewhere between 1-3 additional teachers.

I remember Julie, the cook, telling me, before we came for the first time, "Your kids will have a blast." They did, absolutely, as did all the adults including George Wylie, (School Board member) and Ian Ritchie (husband of school board member). I know George will vouch enthusiastically for this trip.


(Regarding the dogs) They are great, and I think, a really neat part of the experience.   Tim will talk about how to approach and interact with the dogs when you get there, not because they are dangerous, but because it is good dog etiquette that everyone should observe. The dogs become a beautiful part of the experience.

Hope that helps,               JohnK


Additionally!  Don’t forget, that aside from these adults vouching for the wonderful experience, we also have our own parents, Mary and Paul Zehr, who have gone on Tim’s camping experiences in the past and are looking forward to this one!


Any other questions, please give me a call.


P.S.  We WILL bring our cameras.