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Rules for Adults on Campus
We welcome parents and family to a be a part of daily life here at school, but we must ask that you follow a few safety procedures:

1.  ALL ADULTS who do not work for the school MUST sign in at the office before coming on campus and then wear a visitor sticker if they are staying longer than to drop off or pick up their student. NO EXCEPTIONS. Even if you are regularly in a room, or your child is part of a different school such as the Nature Academy Charter School or Charter Homeschool, you must sign in EVERY time you come on campus. This is a SAFETY ISSUE and there are no exceptions.

We are now stopping people and re-directing them to the office.  Please save us the both the time and come inside and sign in and get a visitor sticker.


posted Sep 20, 2012, 4:16 PM by Rhonda Schlosser


·      When a School and/or District Office sends an automated call to your home and/or cell phone, it is sometimes missed and your reaction is to do a call-back.  Currently, these calls would go back to the school site or district office (where the call was generated from) and the staff answering the phone would direct you to listen to your phone message or check your email.  Usually the staff is inundated with many phone calls due to these missed calls.  For all future school and/or district automated calls using our SchoolMessenger System, there will be a new phone number that you will see on your caller ID.  This phone number will be 877-499-1139.  Because you may not recognize this phone number as connected to SLVUSD, the District wanted to alert you of this change.  Utilizing this new “call back” feature with SchoolMessenger will enable anyone that receives an automated call, the ability to do a call-back and listen to the messenger again.

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